Activity Points Calculator


Activity Points Calculator

The activity points calculator lets you know how many activity points you will receive on a specific day; it will also give you the date when you’ll reach a certain amount of points. Let look at how to use the activity points calculator:


1) Select the number of days you want to work out for. If any holidays are coming up, leave them blank and let the calculator find the alternate dates.

You can add or remove days; however, your total time played must be at least as long as your longest selected period (in months).

2) To calculate when you’ve reached many points corresponding to your current level, all levels list their required amounts of points on the first sheet.

If you have a rank that is not on the list, leave it blank, and the calculator will calculate your rank based on percentages.

3) The second sheet (Activity Points per month) shows approximately how many activity points you’ll receive each month.

This is calculated using estimated values from various sources; therefore, it may not be entirely accurate but gives an idea of what to expect in terms of ranks over time.

If you are interested in knowing when you’ll reach higher levels, such as “True Pirate” or “Supreme Ruler,” click on that title under the respective highest level, and it will be populated into a cell for every day until you reach that point.


We have a free activity points calculator if you want to know how many calories your body is burning at the gym.

Activity Points Calculator

Enter in your weight and time that you exercise, and our tool will tell you what kind of workout intensity level it was to determine if those calories were worth it or not.