Ideal Body Proportions Calculator

Ideal Body Proportions Calculator

The Ideal Body Proportions Calculator estimates the body measurements with which you would look your best.

It is based on the work of bodybuilding legend Steve Reeves who believed that there was an ideal male physique.

In his book, Building the Classic Physique the Natural Way, he explained how certain muscle to bone ratios could give you the ideal body. Here is a closer look:

What Is the Formula?

There are many formulas used to calculate body measurements, depending on where you look.

Perhaps the most commonly used of these is John McCallum’s formula, which uses wrist measurements to determine the ideal proportions for other body parts. It is as follows:

Neck = Chest X 0.37

Chest = Wrist X 6.5

Forearm = Chest X 0:29

Arm = Chest X 0.36

Waist = Chest X 0.7

Hips = Chest X 0.85

Calf = Chest X 0.34

Leg = Chest X 0.53

The Steve Reeves Solution

Steve Reeves is considered to have had one of the greatest physiques in bodybuilding. He is also known for creating a system that allows people to develop the perfect body by correlating body weight and height. According to Reese, if you surpass the mass equivalent to your weight, you will make your body disproportionate. Example limits from his system include:

· 165cm – 73kg

· 170cm – 77kg

· 175cm – 79kg

· 185cm – 88kg

Benefits of Using This Calculator

Using the body proportions calculator allows you to create a more attractive physique by balancing your muscle, weight, and height proportions.


If you want to build an amazing physique, using the Ideal Body Proportions Calculator will give you proportion, size, and symmetry.

Ideal Body Proportions Calculator

It will allow you to develop your physique and muscles systematically as a whole, leaving you in the best shape possible.