BAI & BMI Calculator

BAI & BMI Calculator


BAI & BMI Calculator are tools used to determine the body weight and fat percentage in the human body, respectively. In addition, the device also displays the range of categories you belong to based on the measurements given: healthy, underweight, obese, or overweight.

Thus, this health tool helps individuals discover two measures that relate to the body’s status.

The algorithm behind BMI and BAI uses equations focused on the formula part while it takes account of weight, hip circumference, age range, height, and age range.

The formulas used

The Body Adiposity Index (BAI ) is calculated using the following formula

Body Adiposity Index=(His circumference in centimeters / (Height in Meter)1.5)- 18

The Bodyweight index, on the other, is calculated by

BMI=Weight in kilogram/ (Height in Meter)²

Benefits of BAI and BMI calculators.

The tool helps individuals determine their BMI and BAI, which relate to their body status. 

The tool helps individuals ensure they give their bodies the nutrition it needs depending on the results displayed by the calculator.


The BMI and BAI parameters define an individual’s body mass made of fat tissues.

BAI & BMI Calculator

Through this, you can easily determine where your body mass lies and the necessary steps to take regarding the status.