Standards Growth Calculator


Standards Growth Calculator

     What is standards growth?

Standard growth is the amount of improvement made in the day-to-day activities in life. Standards growth can be described as a process that builds upon the standards one has already set for themselves.

Standards Growth Calculator
      How does it relate to physical training?

Standards growth is a way to get better at physical training.

Using standards growth will help keep you focused and prevent you from becoming bored with the same workout routine over and over again.

This helps you keep progress going, even when the body tells you that it has had enough. It is also a way to set yourself goals for the future. Having goals and achieving them is what makes life worth living.

     What should I do to improve my standards of growth?

Try to be a little better than you were yesterday. Whether in the weight room, on your game field, or at school, be the best you can be today. Don’t worry about being the best globally, but rather work to be your personal best.

    How can I measure it?

Standards growth is usually measured by the amount of weight you lift or the distance you can leap.

For example, when a child performs 10 push-ups, they are said to have increased their shoulder press standard by 10.

Standard growth can also be measured by time (i.e., how long it takes to perform a task) or percentage of the target time. For example, if a child performs a task in 1 minute 30 seconds, he or she is said to have increased his or her standard by 20%.


Standards growth is a reliable and effective method to increase physical capability.