Fat Free Mass Index


Fat Free Mass Index Calculator

Although fitness is important, keeping track of your progress can be difficult if you do not know what you are measuring. 

What is Fat Free Mass Index?

Fat free mass index is a measurement which allows one to estimate the amount of muscle that they have, relative to their height. 

Why is it important?

When maintained at balanced levels, body fat is not bad. On the contrary, body fat is important for:

Energy storage, 

Providing warmth 

Cushioning internal organs

However, scientific research links excessive body fat levels to a wide range of health risks including: type 2 diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. 

The FFMI allows people aiming for weight loss measure their lean muscle mass and gauge changes in body fat levels. 

How is FFMI calculated?

The simple calculation for FFMI is to divide lean body mass by height in squared meters. 

Alternatively, you can follow the following equations: 

Lean Mass = Weight in kg x (1.0 – [Body fat %/100])

FFMI = (Lean Mass / 2.2) / (([Height in feet x 12.0 + in] x 0.0254)2 x 2.20462)

Fat Free Mass Index Calculator

Luckily, you do not have to do these calculations yourself. Instead, you can calculate your FFMI automatically with a single click using an online Fat Free Mass Index Calculator. The only measurements you will need are:

Weight (in kilograms or pounds)

Height (in feet and inches or centimeters)

Body fat percentage

Best of all, most online FFMI calculators are free and do not require any specialized knowledge to use. 

Fat Free Mass Index