How to eat like a vegetarian (Guide)

Introduction The vegetarian diet is gaining popularity, as many people are recognizing the enormous benefits of embracing vegetarian diets. […]


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What do I eat as a vegetarian? (Guide)

Food is a very important part of our lives. It is very important to treat our bodies with respect. A vegetarian diet is very healthy, delicious and simple. Besides that, it is very humane and respectful. Many people think that it’s hard to start and practice a vegetarian diet. It’s actually not the case. The vegetarian diet is very simple and it can be very delicious and practical. Let’s see some ingredients vegetarians often use through a day: RICE, POTATOES, AND BEANS What food are you going […]

Vegetarian Keto Recipes (Tips & Guide)

We have asked many questions about vegan recipes based in Vegetarian keto, so it is good to create this recipe to start being a vegan. These recipes do not contain meat, but they use dairy products and egg. Sometimes you can try to combine the mixture of recipes so that some dishes can serve as main dishes, side dishes, breakfast options, and desserts. The following is the information on a vegan keto diet; What is the Vegetarian keto diet? The vegetarian keto diet contains high-fat foods + […]

3000 Calorie Vegetarian Bodybuilding Meal Plan tips

3000 Calorie Vegetarian Bodybuilding Meal Plan

Many people in the world want to lose their weight since it is a problem for them. Also, there is the other side of people who are underweight and need to get some. It is true that in each condition, there are health issues associated with each hence one needs to be careful about how to carefully gain weight in the right way. Click here to check out The Plant-Based Bodybuilding System – High Protein Vegan Recipes. If you just decide to consume a lot of calories […]

But What if Your Sweetheart Loves Meat

Eat Food not Too Much Mostly Plants

There will not be anyone in the world who does not like to treat his taste with delicious cuisine. Eat food not too much mostly plants could help you on the long run. Today, there is plenty of food available – be it in hotels, restaurants or even the streets. Fast food is synonymous with eating outside. But there is a negative side to all this pleasure, which is rarely observed. All of this gradually pushes you towards ill health in the form of various diseases, unusually high […]

The Secret of The Vegan Mom Lifestyle

A baby is a precious gift for every couple, and whenever you and your partner agree to have one, you surely have made a right decision, and you need to play to the simple vital measures to help you through.┬áVegan mom lifestyle can help with some ideas. This is because childbearing is a very essential but difficult process, carrying a pregnancy can also be telling on the human body. From body training to ovulation, you can do a lot to furnish yourself for this process. And when […]