Is Growing your own vegetables worth it?

Vegetables are a significant part of our healthy daily lives. For many, it is the basis of nutrition; it is the primary source of vitamins and minerals for most.

And growing vegetables is a fascinating experience. There is everything here. Consuming vegetables from your garden is much healthier than buying them from the supermarket or the market. After all, vegetables overly treated with synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are not good. Is growing your own vegetables worth it? Of course, it is. Growing your vegetables is imperative due to the following reasons;

1. You will Get More Veggies.

When you grow your vegetables, it means that you will have more to eat. Your harvest may surprise you. And you may get more than enough and even share with others.

2. You will Get Healthier Vegetables.

There are no healthier vegetables on the planet than the ones you grow yourself at home, in your backyard. When you grow yourself;

• You are not spraying pesticides.
• You are not putting unnecessary chemicals into the soil.
• You are careful about the fertilizers you use
• You fertilize with compost, supplying your soil with the necessary minerals.
• You collect your vegetables so that you can immediately use them.

Studies show that within 24 hours after harvest, 50% of the essential nutrients are lost. Therefore, you will get healthier vegetables when you grow them.

3. Saves Money

The cost of fresh produce has increased lately. And if you grow your own, you will save a lot. Therefore, growing your vegetables is worth it.

4. Increases the Value of Your Property

Growing your vegetables will brighten your backyard and increase your home’s value if you have your garden. Your home will be very different from those homes that don’t have gardens.

To sum up, it is worth it to grow your own vegetables. They not only help in saving money but also makes the value of your property increase.

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