Propoints Weight Watchers

Propoints Weight Watchers Calculator

A classic Propoints weight Watcher contains many features which differentiate it from other health products.

Propoints Weight Watchers

These include, but are not limited to:

a) A high level of protein content.

b) Low weight levels in comparison with similar products and other food.

c) A large number of vitamins and minerals.

d) Great taste and texture, making the product more satisfying than others, thus lessening cravings for sugar-rich food both during the first stage (fasting period) as well as after it is reintroduced into your diet. The Propoints weight watchers do not have an offensive smell when heated either, unlike other odor-causing foods such as most meats or eggs do.

e) The ability to be prepared in many different ways, making it suitable for use at different times throughout the day.

The Propoints weight watchers also contain no lactose or gluten present in other products and can cause digestive problems if consumed regularly by people with sensitivity to these substances. This product is also free from artificial flavors and colors.


High levels of protein - 19% of total weight – amino acids (the building blocks that makeup proteins) makes this product richer than most other similar health foods/drinks on the market today (such as whey protein powders). 
Low weight levels – The product's total weight is only 90-100g, making it less likely to cause digestive problems than other products on the market today, which weigh between 120-150g. 
High levels of vitamins & minerals – Only 30% weight due to non-digestible contents (fiber) - electrolytes (salt, iron, magnesium, etc.) - are the only non-digestible contents.
Low carbohydrate content – This product contains a very low 2 grams of carbohydrates per serving, making it suitable for people on low-carb diets or insulin resistance.
A large number of servings per container- unlike most other similar products on the market, which only contain 15 servings (most weighing 120-150g), the Propoints weight watchers contain a large number of 40 individual packets. 


The Propoints program is a great way to lose weight and get healthier.

If you are looking for an easy, effective diet that works with your busy lifestyle, then this may be the one for you!