Waist to Height Ratio Calculator

Waist to Height Ratio Calculator

There are many ways to track and monitor the progress of your weight loss, one of which is the waist to height ratio. Read on to find out what this indicator measures and why it is important. 

What is Waist to Height Ratio?

The waist to height ratio calculator measures an individual’s body fat distribution. 

By this definition, you can calculate the ratio by dividing your waist measurement by your height. For the calculation you can either use feet and inches, or centimeters. 

Also, you do not have to do the calculation manually. Instead, you can use a free online waist to height calculator as long as you know your waist circumference and height measurements.

Why is it important?

The waist to height ratio is one of the most important measurements. The measurement is a good indicator of:

Obesity risk

Cardiometabolic disease risk 

Mortality risk 

Interpreting the results of the Waist to Height Ratio calculator

For men, a waist to height ratio of:

0.34-0.42 is slender

0.43-0.52 is healthy

0.53-0.62 is overweight

Above 0.62 is obese

For women, a waist to height ratio of:

0.35-0.41 is slender

0.42-0.48 is healthy

0.49-0.57 is overweight

Over 0.57 is obese

Measuring your waist 

Waist to Height Ratio Calculator

It is worth noting that you should measure your waist in the morning after 7-8 hours of sleep for the most accurate measurement.