3000 Calorie Vegetarian Bodybuilding Meal Plan

3000 Calorie Vegetarian Bodybuilding

Many people in the world want to lose weight since it is a problem for them. Also, there is the other side of people who are underweight and need to get some. It is true that in each condition, there are health issues associated with each hence one needs to be careful about how to carefully gain weight in the right way. If you have been asking yourself many questions regarding how you can lose weight and burn excess fat and remove extra calories from your body, the following are the methods to follow and I assure you better results. How to Lose Weight Fast with Fruits and Vegetables will guide you with and tricks to lose weight fast. Click here to learn how to lose weight fast.

If you just decide to consume a lot of calories or junk foods, you will be harming your body. 3000 Calorie Vegetarian Bodybuilding Meal Plan will help you with your vegetarian plan.

We have identified a 3000 calorie meal plan for bodybuilders which can be very helpful in gaining weight.

For breakfast, one should have a glass of milk, two bananas, and soaked almonds. In the mid-morning, one can have dry fruit chikki, almonds, and a glass lassi each containing around 150 calories.

During lunchtime, one can have a number of foods like sprout salad, rice, and vegetables like cabbages or cauliflower.

In the evening, you can choose to have a cup of tea and cookies totaling two hundred calories. You can have the same meal just like lunchtime during dinner and get some fruits like bananas before you sleep.

How to increase calorie intake as a vegetarian

3000 Calorie Vegetarian

Typically, vegetarians take fewer calories when compared to non-vegetarians. In case you are having a lifestyle that is active, it becomes so hard to meet the calorie demands of your body without fat and protein-rich foods.

However, you can increase calorie intake by consuming sources of fats and proteins like nuts, oils, and seeds. You can take carbohydrates since, in one gram, they have four calories. Click here to learn how to lose weight fast.

It is easy to achieve this since you can take enough fruits, grains, vegetables, and dairy. You can also take healthy fats like polyunsaturated fats that are from vegetables. For proteins, you can have black beans, almonds, or even lentils.

How many meals are 3000 calories?

It is important to split your meals into six to eight meals a day. This is because it is easier this way than having three meals that have 1000 calories.

Always plan to have your meals after two or three hours depending on how busy you are. For you have like six meals a day, it means you have to prepare them beforehand when you have time. It should always be something in the schedule for bodybuilders.

Can you build muscle on a vegan diet?

3000 Calorie Veget

It is easier to build muscle for people on a vegan but there have to be some important things to be considered. You have to explore the protein from plants. There are plenty of sources where you can choose from like soy protein, pea protein, and hemp protein.

Secondly, you have to eat well and have a balanced diet. Also, be careful about deficiencies in your meals like iron, and do not ignore the importance of micronutrients to your body.

High-calorie vegan meal plan

On the first day, one should have something like peanut butter chocolate totaling 382 calories and snacks. The lunch meal should have a vegan sandwich and a PM snack. The dinner should have some rice and vegetables like cauliflower.

The second day should have something different for instance shakes and peanut butter and AM snacks. Lunch should have something like eggplant curry, tofu, and chickpea. Trumpet mushrooms and herbed lentils can do well for dinner. Try some of these meals for days and it will work for you.

3000 calorie vegan meal plan tips

food triangleHere are some of the tips to help with your meal plan:

  • Always ensure to consume more food and add 200 calories on top of your daily meals
  • Eat a lot of refined carbohydrates like pasta, noodles, and white rice.
  • Ensure to have enough seeds and nuts at your place
  • Do not forget to have dried foods in your home
  • Lentils should be a staple in your meals

5000 calorie vegan meal plan guide

For your morning session, you should have the following to meet the calories required:

  • Porridge
  • Banana
  • Soya milk
  • Dried apricots

You can choose to have some pinto beans, chopped tomatoes, olive oil in the midmorning.

This is what you should have for the Lunch hour:
  • Jacket potato
  • Chestnuts
  • Olive oil
  • Butter beans
  • Borlotti beans

For dinner, you can choose to have a variety but this can also help.

  • Rice together with fruits like avocado.
  • You can also have apples, mandarins, and pineapples.
All these foods total to 5794 calories for a day.

3000 calorie meal plan

Bodybuilding Meal Plan

Meal one should have two slices of bread avocado butter and a smoothie with 500 calories.

The next meal should have foods like grilled salmon, brown rice, and steamed vegetables.

The third meal of the day should have fruit, walnuts, and cottage cheese. You should also have potato mash, chicken breasts, and steamed vegetables.

The last meal of the day should have a serving of yogurt and strawberries serving. All this will total to 3000 calories for the day.

Furthermore, Google weight loss and the next thing you see is the word calories popping up almost everywhere, and that’s because the two are closely interconnected.

To put it quite simply, people lose weight when they operate on a caloric deficit and gain it in the same measure when their bodies start running on a caloric surplus.

Assuming their activities remain the same, a simple binge day should result in some serious weight gain, while the opposite leads to weight loss.

So how much weight are you likely to gain by eating 3, 000 calories a day?

Simple — for you to be able to gain weight more effectively, it’s important that you first understand the math connecting caloric intake and weight gain. Click here to learn how to lose weight fast.

Read this keeping in mind that your diet will only be 80 percent responsible for the results you achieve by the end of it all.

First and foremost, it’s vital to understand that we all have varying caloric needs, which vary depending on our age, size, sex, lifestyle, height, and overall well-being.

Speaking of which, a physically active, six-feet-tall, 25-year old, will be requiring a considerably higher amount of calories to gain weight compared to a physically inactive, 55-year old adult with the same dream.

In order for you to be able to lose weight more effectively, it is vital that you first understand how calories come into play in the game of weight gain or loss.

In weight loss, your diet is only 80% responsible for achieving your desired results. The rest has everything to do with your metabolism, lifestyle, and genes.

Worth noting is that an average male adult requires about 2, 700 calories per day to maintain his current weight, whereas an average female adult will be requiring about 2, 200 calories per day to achieve the same.

Now back to the question, how much are you likely to gain by eating 3000 calories per day? Here’s some math to answer the question.

It’s estimated that by eating 3, 500 calories per day, you’re likely to end up gaining about 1 pound within a span of one week. But that’s just the basic part of it.

In essence, what will be determining the weight you’ll be gaining by eating 3000 calories per day is your total caloric difference.

Caloric difference = Total amount of calories from food – ( Basal metabolic rate (BMR) + exercise + other activities).

Where BMR stands for the number of calories the body is required to burn in a day for normal functioning, particularly respiration and heartbeat. On average it’s estimated to be about 2, 000 calories for every healthy adult.

How Can I eat 3000 Calories Per Day?


Eating 3000 calories per day shouldn’t be that much of a hassle. All you have to do is to try and come with a daily allotment that in total amounts to 3000 calories. It’s also important that you eat after every few hours while prioritizing on calorie-dense foods.

Examples include seeds, nuts, legumes, avocados, dried foods, plant-based oils, and carbohydrates in general.

An easy plan would be to go for four cups of veggies, 7 ounces of protein foods such as eggs, poultry, fish, or soy products, two and a half cups of fruits, three cups of dairy products such as yogurt, 10 tablespoons of oil foods, and lastly 459 calories of the food of your choice.

Is it Healthy to Eat 3000 calories a day?


There’s nothing wrong with eating about 3, 000 calories per day. It’s for this reason that those looking to gain weight are widely advised to stick with 3000 calories per day.

It’s however important to note that some men require the 3000 calories to maintain their current weight.

If you’re super active and suspect your rate of metabolism could be a bit on the higher side, you might want to increase this number to about 4000 calories per day for the same result.

3000 Calories Meal Plan for Athletes

Athletes have ectomorph bodies — that is, small bone structures and thin limbs. They are often skinny, and therefore top the list of the people looking to gain weight.

Athletes are widely advised to consume lots of carbohydrates, taking a combination of water and energy drinks in between workouts.

Athletes tend to also have a higher rate of metabolism and areas such as expected to eat after every 2 to 4 hours.

Cheap 3000 Calorie Meal Plan

  Here’s a simple meal plan that an ectomorph or anyone looking to gain weight can follow.



. – 2 whole eggs

. – 3 white eggs

. – 57 grams of lean ground beef

. – One and a quarter cup of grapes

. – Two Cups of Sliced Potatoes

. – 1 large grapefruit



  . – 1 scoop of way protein

. – 236 ml of skim milk

. – One and a third cup oatmeal

. – 10 large strawberries

. – 8 almonds




  . – 115 grams of chicken breast

. – One and a quarter large pita

. – One and three-quarter cup sliced apple

. – Unlimited vegetables





  . – 120 grams Salmon

. – 1 and two-third cups rice

. – 1 tablespoon flaxseed


Snack 2

. – One and a half scoops of whey protein powder

. – 296 ml skim milk

. – One-fifth cup oatmeal

. – 2 teaspoons of virgin olive oil

3000 calorie meal plan to gain muscle

Meal one (breakfast)

  • 3 egg whites,
  • Two cups of sliced potatoes,
  • A grapefruit

Meal Two

  • A scoop of whey powder of protein
  • 1/3 cup of oatmeal
  • Strawberries
  • Almonds

Meal three (lunch)

  • Chicken breasts
  • Large pita
  • A lot of vegetables

Meal Four

  • A scoop of whey powder of protein
  • A banana
  • Almond butter

Meal Five (dinner)

  • Salmon
  • cooked rice
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Unlimited vegetables.

3000 calorie Indian vegetarian diet

In this kind of diet, there are various meals that you can have if you are building your body. You can have a morning snack that has bananas, almonds, and some plant proteins.

In the midmorning, you can have boiled chickpeas, roasted groundnuts which will give you like 45o calories.

Next, in the lunch hours, you can have two chapattis, vegetable salad hence get 600 calories.

Lastly, in the evening, a cup of coffee and some biscuits can be good for you. Brown rice, curd can do for dinner.

4000 calorie vegan diet tips

  • Ensure to have five meals or more in a day.
  • Always have dried seeds for your meals.
  • Have enough fruits like bananas and leafy greens.
  • Eat a lot of nuts such as the almonds and brazil nuts.
  • You should eat raw whole grains like the quinoa.

2000 calorie vegan diet guide

There is a wide range of meals to have for your whole week so as to achieve the 2000 calorie diet.

Each meal should have more than 200 calories and therefore you should have more than five meals a day.

In the morning hours, you can have foods like oatmeal, bananas, banana oatmeal, peanut butter, pecans.

For lunch meals, you can get foods like peanut tofu, carrots, apples, broiled sesame tofu, chickpea salad. For dinner, you can get olive oil, basil pasta, tomatoes, green beans, bananas, sweet potatoes, and peanut tofu. Click here to learn how to lose weight fast.

Here, you only have to choose what is best for you.


To sum up, hopefully, you get the perfect recipe in this post to build your body the way you like. Learn more about Veganism here.

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