Cup Size Starbucks (Size, Price, Information)

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Cup Size Starbucks Overview

There is a total of six different cup sizes at Starbucks.

All these different sizes can make it difficult deciding which cup size you want.

To make matters worse, the names are confusing as well.

For example, : Grande.

That doesn’t give you an idea of how big or small the drink is.

To help you with that, here are all the sizes served at Starbucks ranging from the smallest to the biggest.

  • Demi: Demi is super tiny. It holds only 3 ounces. These are the cheapest but the prices will vary a lot because you can only have certain drinks with the demi size that you can’t have with the other sized cups.
  • Short: As the name implies, it’s a small size cup compared to the other ones. It holds 8 ounces. What your drink is will determine the price but the average for a short is $2.01
  • Tall: This is probably the most tricky size. A lot of people assume tall to be one of the biggest, if not, the biggest serving at Starbucks. It holds 12 ounces which is pretty big. The cost is around $2.95
  • Grande: This is essentially large at Starbucks and holds about 16 ounces and usually cost about $3.65
  • Venti: The second largest of the six, venti can hold 20 ounces and is $4.15
  • Trenta: The biggest of them all. Trenta holds a whopping 31 ounces. That’s around 2 1/2 tall servings in one! This will only cost you 30 cents more than a venti making it $4.45

Remember: The price could vary store from a store and it could change over time.

It is nice that Starbucks gives us a huge variety of sizes.

Most places only offer six and Starbucks decided to double that.

However, I do wish the would be more clear about the sizes when ordering.

Having more customization is great but can cause some confusion.

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