Vegan Bodybuilding How Many Calories Guide

Eating enough calories is one of the biggest challenges to hard-gainers and it as well can be a challenge to vegans. Vegan Bodybuilding How Many Calories Guide will help you to know the number of calories needed for bodybuilding.

Lack of meals cannot be the reason but their diets contain high fiber and low amounts of calories.

It is crucial for bodybuilders to consume 15 to 20 calories in one pound. You should start with a lower number but keep increasing depending on your progress.

You need to keep watch of your body and identify if there is a change in muscles. If you are gaining muscle, you think of slightly increasing the caloric intake.

Can bodybuilders be vegan?

Vegan Bodybuildi food

Mostly, people assume that bodybuilding and veganism are exclusive mutually. They are however wrong since the two can happen but there are things that you have to put in mind.

If one needs to maximize the growth of muscles, you must not be calorie deficit concentrate on compound exercise.

Additionally, you must a lot of carbs and eat proteins in large quantities within the day. Research has shown that proteins are virtually crucial to the growth of muscles.

Can vegans build muscle?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Vegans can build muscles and the fact that they are vegetarians does not negatively affect their growth of muscles.

Protein is one of the most important aspects for building muscles for bodybuilders and they can still build muscles even if they stop eating meat.

What matters here is that you should eat enough to push yourself through the training that you are undergoing. Vegans can, therefore, eat enough plant protein to get the required proteins for their muscle building.

What do vegan bodybuilders eat?

There are a number of things that vegan bodybuilders should eat to meet the energy requirements for their exercises.

The main thing to eat is enough proteins so that they help in building their muscles. Also, they should not forget to eat a lot of flaxseeds, flaxseed oil, and walnuts.

Iron supplements are something that does not miss in their diet. It is important for the production of red blood cells hence reducing fatigue during workouts.

Vegetables like spinach and broccoli are important since they have a high amount of calcium.

Do vegans gain weight?

vegan body

So long as one takes more than the number of calories required in a day, vegans can gain weight.

Most of plant foods are full of fibers meaning that they are nutritious but contain low calories.

Vegans may sometimes find it difficult to gain weight because most of their foods are fibrous and watery vegetables and fruits.

However, not all foods have low-calorie content. Vegans can use foods like nuts and dates which will make them gain weight.

Vegan bodybuilding diet female

Females do find it hard to gain muscle fast as compared to men. However, some women have managed to gain weight just by selecting a certain diet with enough exercise. Most of them are powered by tofu and other plant proteins. Also, women should take legumes, protein pasta, veggie burger, and leafy greens. During training sessions, women should double the number of calories they consume and there should be up to 80 percent of whole meals in their diet.

Vegan bodybuilding cutting diet

The cutting stage refers to the stage where vegan bodybuilders eat less and hence try to shed fat from the body and be ready to gain.

Their diet, therefore, has to get a number of changes which include an increase in water intake. It helps to cut hunger and avoid dehydration.

They should also avoid a large amount of sugar in their meal since it is easily consumed by the body.

They should increase the consumption of caffeine that increases their concentration and alertness.

Vegan bodybuilding diet plan pdf

Vegan Body food

Starting bodybuilding is not as tricky as people think. The guidelines for a vegan diet are not different from their omnivore counterparts.

The only difference is that vegan does not get their proteins from meat and other animal products.

The plan includes getting enough calories as well as keeping high the level of protein. They should also choose their drinks carefully and avoid sugary drinks.

Supplements are also important that provide important minerals like calcium and iron.

Vegan bodybuilding meal prep

Vegans who are trying to lose weight and build muscle need a high protein diet for this is to be successful.

They just need to prepare meals that have high protein content. In preparation for these meals, you should take care of the different needs of males and women.

Let the meal meet the needs of both women and men since their rate of muscle growth is different. Ensure the calories meet the required demands of the body in both genders.

Vegan bodybuilding protein

It is easier to the required amount of protein from plants even without taking animal proteins.

Bodybuilders can get complete proteins from various sources other than meat and eggs. Buckwheat seeds can be ground into flour and be used in cooking such as pancakes.

It has six grams of protein in one cup. Hempseed, chia, and soy seeds also provide enough proteins for bodybuilders.

Rice and beans are one of the cheapest meals for vegans that provide enough proteins.

Vegan bodybuilder diet plan

vegan map

In the morning hours, one can have granola, milk (soy), and oranges. Before lunchtime, one should also find some cheese, two slices of wheat bread, a banana, and peanut butter.

The same meal can also work for lunch but you need to add something like a soy milkshake.

Ensure to include a lot of fruits and vegetables before you get your dinner. For dinner, one can go for a rice cake, salad, and peanut butter. You can choose to interchange the foods with any part of the day for the whole week.

Vegan bodybuilders’ tips

  • Learn to frequent small meals in a day
  • Know that carbohydrates are important to the muscle growth hence should be taken in high quantities.
  • Always eat foods with high calories
  • Avoid high-fat content foods

Vegan bodybuilding recipes

For bodybuilders, recipes are very important to help them meet the energy requirements. There are a number of recipes that are rich in protein like the pasta dish for vegetarians, and coconut cashew rice.

There are other recipes like sautéed spinach and a blueberry smoothie from spinach that can provide enough minerals like iron. Also, you need to consider hummus wrap for vegetarians, black bean burger, and also tangy chickpea burger.


To sum up, there are a lot of foods that can help vegan bodybuilders gain muscle.

It is important to understand that the most important thing is to include proteins in your meals.

Vegans should avoid meals that have high fiber content but low calories. Eventually, they will not have enough energy for their exercises.

If there is a change in body weight, vegans should consider increasing their calorie intake.

Always observe the required rules of any dietary plan to achieve the desired results.

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