Calorie to Lose Weight (Tips Guide)

Calorie to lose weight Overview

Many people ask how many calories they need to eat on average, maybe in a day.

The answer to such a question depends on many factors that one also needs to take into consideration.

Some of these factors include the age, the height of the person, the weight the person has at that moment, the level of activity, and the health metabolic of the individual.

So when you need to lose weight, the first thing you have to consider first is ways you will reduce the calorie intake in your daily living. It is therefore essential to reduce them by at least 500 fewer calories to maintain the body weight.

At that rate, you have the potential to reduce around 0.45 kg of body weight within one week. Below are the average rate calorie ranges in conjunction with these factors.

A woman between 25 to 50 years is expected to eat 2000 calories within one day to maintain her weight and 1500 calories in a day to lose weight of 0.45 in a week.

Those women who exercise more than 3 miles a day are required to eat 2200 calories in a day to maintain their weight and they need 1700 calories to lose weight of 0,45kg within one week of consuming.

Calorie to Lose Weight

Those women below 25 years need more calories, and they need around 2200 calories to maintain their weight.

Those women who have more than 50 years, in this case, must consume very few calories into their bodies.

They need 1800 calories in a day to maintain their body weight, and they need 1300 calories to lose their weight of 0.45kg within a week.

These pregnant women do not use these measures since they are advised to consume more for energy gain.

Men who have the age between 26 to 45 need more calories than women within the same period. They need 2600 calories within a day to maintain their weight and need 2100 calories to lose 0.45 kg of their importance in a week.

Those who walk more than three miles in a day need around 2900 calories to maintain their weight and 2400 calories in a day to lose 0.45 kg of their weight.

The level of energy needs has to reduce as the number of age increases since those beyond 46 years need to eat around 2400 calories in a day, and the number continues to decrease as the age increases.

For the case of the children, their age, size, and activity level will determine the calories needed.

For example, an average toddler needs 1300 calories in a day, the average teenager requires calories between 2000 and 2800 in a day, and that active teenager needs even more.

On the other hand, children growing well do not need calorie count since they will eat the food their body requires and stay well.

Ways to reduce calorie intake and weight loss
This is the unit that is used in measuring the energy level in foods and beverages. To lose weight, you are advised to eat less of the calories than the rate at which your body burns them.

There are different ways in which one can reduce the calories in their body. To gain weight, you must eat more of the calories that you burn from your body. The same case happens.

When you cut weight, it means that you are consuming fewer calories.

Cutting weight without being keen on the foods you are eating will have less meaning for these reasons; it is essential to make a permanent change if you have decided to lose weight once.

Eating more protein will help in the reduction of the calories in the body.

Protein is considered the king in burning calories in the body. Including proteins in your daily diet will help burn down a lot of calories in your food since it is considered to have high mineral effort.

From the study done, protein is believed to improve metabolism in the body and control the appetite.

Since when you consume more protein to enable metabolizes, the number of calorie burn will range from 80-100 percent decrease in a day.

Eating protein will help you become more robust within the day; therefore, if you need to cut the number of calories in your body and decrease the number of calories you consume, add protein to your diet.

They are avoiding sugary, soft drinks and juices from fruits. Sodas, fruit juices, milk from chocolates, and liquids with added sugar contain calories.

Therefore, when one avoids such beverages, they can cut calories from their body.

Furthermore, sugary drinks have other side effects apart from weight gain. Consequently, it is crucial to avoid these drinks since taking many of them will negatively impact the body.

Drinking more water is another way of reducing weight. Water can increase the number of calories cut up to 90 minutes.

It is essential for one to time the right moment to take water since when one drinks water immediately after eating, it will help decrease hunger and make one eat fewer calories.

Therefore, bringing water 30 minutes before eating food will result in 44 percent of weight loss in the body.
Doing more exercise and lifting weights will help reduce weight in the body.

When one eats fewer calories, the body compensates through saving energy; thus, one will burn fewer calories.

Long-term calorie restriction will lead to the reduction of metabolic levels in the body and can make one lose muscle, and the way to avoid this is through lifting weights.

When you are trying to lose weight, you need to ensure that your muscles are strong and burn the fats in the body.

Reduced refined carb intake also will help in burning down the calories in the body. It helps in reducing the appetite and makes one consume fewer calories.

Low carb diets also contain more body benefits like those people who are suffering from diabetes.

Eating quality fiber-rich carb sources and putting more focus on single-ingredient meals will reduce the calories in the body.


To understand ways of calories burn in the body, one needs to know how much you should eat and ways to eat less.

There are strategies one need to consider to burn weight successfully that is; be sure and ready to cut weight, find the inner motivation ways that will help you maintain your target of calorie burn in the body, setting goals will also help achieve good calorie burn, eating healthy foods will help one lose weight and staying active through doing exercises.

Calorie to Lose Weight

Changing one perspective will determine the calorie burn rate in the body since the positive perspective in weight loss will result in a positive result.

Eating a balanced diet will be one way of maintaining body weight and cutting down the calories from the body.

Taking basic things like drinking more water at the right time is one way which can help in reducing the calories in the body.

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